New year, new beginnings

Christmastime is officially over--NYE ends it for me. While it makes me a tad sad, I always look forward to the possibilities and opportunities a new year brings. For me, yesterday was my first day at my new assignment. It also began at 0 degrees and with snow on the ground. Winter has officially arrived!

The new year also brings about new --and continuing-- goals. My top five 2015 goals are:
1. Read more 
2. Train for a 10-miler, at least 
3. Continue eating healthy
4. Stress less, as I've been trying to do, while thinking about a future plan
5. Visit at least one new city 

How's your 2015 starting off?


  1. It's starting off cold here too!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. These are great goals!!!! :)