The Romance is {Still} Alive

They say marriage changes things. Sometimes for the worst. People become complacent, yada yada. But so far for us, that isn't the case. I know it's still early on but I'm going to go ahead and savor and enjoy every one of our moments. 

On Wednesday, Tim surprised me with the Hallmark Channel so I could get my Christmas movie fix. Then, I was awoken from the couch to this with country love songs playing in the background. 

My husband (that's got a nice ring to it) is constantly amazing me. 


  1. I think marriage does change things but not as dramatically as some people think.

  2. Aww! Tim for the win! You know, I have no real basis for this theory, but I think marriage just magnifies what's already there. If that's true, well, lucky you! <3