The Decor & Details

We finally received a preview from our photographer but I'm keeping it a secret because it's making its grand debut via our thank you holiday cards :) 

Until then, here are some photos of the decor at our rehearsal dinner and wedding:
{The map hearts I made represented significant places: where we met, fell in love, lived, etc. The burlap banner was a present from one of my bridesmaids. The instagram sign was made by me. I placed my bridesmaids presents (Kate Spade knotical bracelets and matching floral robes in MOH and bridesmaid totes) in the basket that was a present from the same bridesmaid who gave us the banner.}

{Our welcome presents were custom door hangers made by Contagious Events hung around wine bottles enclosed in a wine bag.}

{You can't really see but there is a white flower arrangement on the altar. The lanterns along the aisle were reused from our wedding shower centerpieces. We added bows. My amazing family members decorated for us.}

{I might be biased but I absolutely loved our reception decor. Fortunately our florist and venue decorated for us ... And that beautiful custom wood sign was a present from another one of my bridesmaids. We seriously have the best loved ones.}

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