That Time We Surprised Everyone by Going to PR

This Thursday, I'm throwing it back to our weekend in Puerto Rico.

My cousin who was my MOH is an only child so we were pretty much raised as sisters. Same toys, matching outfits -- the whole nine. She went above and beyond for Tim and I, throwing us a beautiful wedding shower and helping with planning.

We knew when we got invited to go to Puerto Rico for her birthday and college graduation celebration, we'd have to find a way to go. We originally thought it'd be too much to swing since our wedding and honeymoon were less than three weeks ago! But we figured it out--and decided to make it a surprise. 

Now, I'm horrible with surprises but Tim helped me not spill the beans a few times. The only family member who knew was my dad because we needed help with dates. Since my mom is the planner, my dad didn't know much else. So when Trish came to visit us for Thanksgiving, Tim played detective and asked her a few questions. We thought we were on the same flight!!!

Turns out we were flying out of the same airport (Tim and I had a layover in JFK), in the same terminal with the same airline--but different flights. That didn't prove to be a big deal because the result was a successful airport surprise to my cousin followed by a hotel surprise to my family later that day!

The videos are on my Instagram :)

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