Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Our wedding was pretty traditional. As in we waited to see one another at the church and included the "something" traditions. 

Something Old: 
I wore a Stella & Dot bracelet I ordered on the same night I received my job offer call from Chicago. Tim and I often say that moving here was the best decision at this time so the bracelet symbolizes that.
Something New:
  I'm obsessed with this one--my Allure Couture gown. It was lace with Swarovski crystals all over. My veils (one front and one cathedral) also had Swarovski crystals all throughout.
Something Borrowed:
My momma's diamond tennis bracelet and diamond dangle earrings. She loves her some diamonds so I knew I could count on her for some bling. Plus, I obviously wanted something of hers to walk down the aisle with as my dad escorted me. 
Something Blue:
Tim's name tape. The Navy played a HUGE part in our long distance relationship so this seemed very fitting. My mom sewed it into the bottom of my dress the night before the wedding, bless her heart for all she does for me. 


  1. I love all of these touches, especially the name tape. :)

  2. I love these! The name tape was perfect!

  3. Oh my gosh THAT DRESS!!! Seriously you looked incredible! I love all of your somethings!