Thank you, Vets

I'd be remiss today not to post about the reason behind this blog--the amazing veteran who is my very-soon-to-be HUSBAND. Who works so hard to be sure the finances, household, and we are doing well. 

For 8 years, he put our country first--he belonged to the U.S. Navy. Now, I sometimes feel like he puts me first, which is a totally new feeling because his commitment to the Navy didn't really allow for that.

 It makes me so happy to see him thriving in school, excited to be learning, and living a truly independent life. And yet, he and we owe all that's been possible to the beautiful U.S. Navy. It made T a man--and a responsible one at that. And it's afforded us opportunities,we would probably never have had in our 20s. 

So, to T and to all those men and women who've sacrificed and dedicated any part of their lives to our great country and military-- I thank you.

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  1. Such a cute picture! Tell your fella I said thank you for his service :) And a big 'thank you' to you as well - I know it can be tough to be the spouse of someone in the military.