#TBT: Halloween

I love holidays. Yes, my favorite is Christmas (as in I may or may not already have our Christmas pjs sitting in an online shopping cart) but Halloween is Tim's favorite holiday. It comes as no surprise because it's also his (and my dad's!) birthday. So I try to make it extra special for him. 

When I started dating Tim I promised him I wouldn't jump right into the Christmas spirit before Halloween. I rightfully let Halloween happen :) It makes October more fun and it makes Christmastime more exciting, partly due to the anticipation. Besides, fall is a favorite season of mine and Halloween falls right in the middle of the season. In my opinion, it's the reason for fall season. (I consider Thanksgiving to be a winter holiday.)   

The thing about long distance, though, is that you're not always together for holidays--as in, we've never before been together on Halloween. 

Sure, we've dressed up and carved pumpkins in early October 2011 before he moved to Hawaii. 

I've sent him a festive care package when he was deployed. 

And we've even gone pumpkin picking and decorated the house together in Hawaii. 

But this year is thankfully different. We've gotten to go costume shopping (think tutus and blood for me) and paint pumpkins and we will be celebrating TOGETHER! They're not done yet but here's a preview:

Cheers to a Happy and haunted (mwahaha) Halloween!

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