The W word

No, not "wedding." I'm taking about the titles "wifey" or "wife." Pretty soon they'll officially be some of mine. I say some because I am also a daughter, sister, cousin, niece, friend, a New Yorker, a lawyer... You get the point. I don't plan on losing my other identities when I marry--I'll just add onto them. I digress. 

I have to admit it won't be the first time I'll have been called a wife[y] by Tim. In fact, way back in March of 2011 that was his nickname for me. It seems crazy to think about how that was only two months after we'd met but I guess he's serious when he says he knew. When you know, you just do I guess.

And that's why he'd say we he felt as though we were engaged without the title during a January 2012 walk in Kapolei, Hawaii. I remember everything about the conversation clearly--where we were, what we wore, what we were doing that evening. And then there was this Christmas 2012 card:

I'm excited for our wedding and to become a wife--HIS wife--so soon. I'm excited for more adventures. For the beginning of a new chapter. Mostly, though, I'm excited to just be together forever without long distance. 


  1. Being a wife officially is such a great feeling!

  2. I love being a wife. The first time Mac introduced me as his wife, I got a stupid grin on my face and was all smiley.