Also known as our #engagementmoon. This past weekend Tim and I took a road trip to Nashville. Tim drove through Friday night so we arrived super early and he surprised me with a Dunkin Donuts + sunrise date. Afterwards we drove around downtown and our hotel was amazing enough to allow us to check in at 7:30AM and upgrade us for free to an atrium balcony. 

We spent the rest of Saturday at our hotel for dinner and a boat ride and then we went to the Grand Ole Opry, a must do. We spent the earlier part of Sunday with Tim's family out in the country and visited his grandparents' graves. We then went out in Nashville--as in we went to almost every bar and we were constantly blown away by the talent. My personal faves were Tootsies and The Stage. So. Much. Fun!

This weekend was great and just what we needed in the midst of all our wedding planning. It was nice to get away just the two of us and have not a worry in the world. Here's our trip recap in photos:


  1. What a great trip! I spent a whirlwind weekend in Nashville for a race, but I would love to go back.

  2. What an awesome trip! So glad you enjoyed yourselves.