Body Image Realization

Sometimes (see: quite often) I am hard on myself, body image wise. It's easy to feel that way after a days' worth of feasting and not working out. I wish it wasn't a struggle but it sometimes is.

A couple nights ago, Tim and I were speaking about and comparing the differences in our perceptions of women's bodies and it was kind of alarming. So on Sunday before we headed out on our 10-mile walk I had Tim take my photo. Because I was wearing the same tank top I'd worn to a run in September 2012. And I wanted to compare what I looked like.

It made me realize that while I might not see the changes from day-to-day, they are there and I ought to give myself more credit.


  1. You look amazing!
    T is so right! If you ask a guy what their ideal body type is, it's soo different from what we think. & as women we totally are so much harder of ourselves and other regarding body image.

  2. Girl, I have been struggling with another sickness and I gained 15 pounds in 4 months! (No change in diet and I was actually walking more.) My body image is a constant battle, especially when I used to run 7 miles and I looked really fit.

    I am trying to love myself and have an accepting body image BEFORE I start to lose weight and BEFORE I get energy back to run and all that jazz. I know I need to work on that the most because the last time I lost 57 pounds, I was still hard on myself and felt I was the same at a size 2, body wise, as I was at a size 12.

    Ludicrous, I know!

    Giving ourselves the credit for winning the small things is so important.