A New Season is Upon Us

This past weekend Tim and I watched Penn State during brunch and Michigan during dinner. We went on a 10-mile walk yesterday and stopped for some football in between. All of this football means that fall is basically here. 

It's hard to believe that a year ago I was laying on the beaches of Oahu, temporarily living with my then-boyfriend/now-fiancé, and patiently awaiting what the near future held.

Fast forward to now, Tim is living here with me. We've gone on two road trips. We have a concert, an out-of-town wedding, apartment hunting, a work trip (me), the start of school (him) on the horizon. And the weather is once again changing seasons.

I love fall. Because I can wear boots and scarves and sweaters. But also because it somehow also signifies exciting changes in life. Last year, I learned I passed the bar, I moved to Chicago and I got engaged in Las Vegas. This year, we're getting married and our adventures will continue in Brazil but also here--together.

And that's the best thing of all.