Thirsty Thursday ... No More

Actually it hasn't been for a year. That's because it's been about a year since I've picked up my last alcoholic drink. I know, it sounds crazy. But let me tell you--this year has been the best year ever. I'm more fit. I'm more in love. I'm more responsible. I'm happier. 
Oftentimes, when I tell people I no longer drink they are shocked and then tell me something along the lines of "oh I don't drink much anymore either." To me, it's proof that no one really LOVES to drink but rather does it because it's a bit of a social norm when headed out with friends. 
There's such a fine line between indulging and overindulging and to me, it's not worth skating or crossing that line anymore. That ship has sailed. I now love waking up sans hangover, knowing everything that happened the night before, knowing I haven't embarrassed myself in front of anyone, and knowing my liver still likes me. 
We've all heard our friends--and possibly even ourselves--swear off alcohol after a bad night but do you know anyone who's actually done so, and cold turkey? Well now you do because I'm proud to say this little lady ain't lookin' back. 


  1. That's great! Compared to what I used to put back in college, I hardly drink at all (like 1-2 drinks a month). If I really wanted, I could give it up.

  2. I drink on a very very rare occasion...maybe a few times a year if that.