A Yearlong Engagement

When we first got engaged Tim wanted a two-year engagement. I, however, was steadfast in my desire to have a year-long engagement, give or take. He wasn't too excited about this "short" timeline but agreed anyway. 

Good thing he did! Because just recently, we were discussing how we wished we were getting married a month SOONER in October. No biggie, I know but funny how he's come around--and then some. 

Really, though, Tim doesn't want to hear about wedding planning details for longer than necessary... And I'm right with him so I'm happy we'll be engaged for just a year. In my opinion, it's still a pretty good amount of time and if I had to do it over, I would keep our engagement the same, if not slightly shorter. 

I know it's not logistically or financially possible for some but if it is, I encourage you to do the same. It's enough time to plan and be excited and still have all the typical celebrations (bachelor[ette] parties and wedding showers). 

...And it leaves you less anxious/antsy (unless you're a worrier) because you know your day is fast approaching from the onset! :)


  1. Our engagement wound up being a year because Mac proposed the day before he deployed for a year. It gave us plenty of time to plan, but it was nice knowing that we would get married once he got home.

  2. I think a year is a really good amount of time! We were engaged for almost three years, but that's only because as a cadet, he wasn't allowed to get married... so our wedding was two days after he commissioned/graduated! It worked for us, but we were itching to get married for a couple years before we actually could and did!

  3. We got engaged and got married 2 days later haha. When you know you know. :)

  4. I loved our engagement. It was perfect for US. Really, to each his own, but I agree. A year is perfect, and since I was still in school, our ~15 months engagement was great. Life you said, it gave us time for all the special events and to really savor this chapter in our lives before the marriage chapter!