Wedding NO's (For Us)

Another Wednesday, another wedding post! #Sorrynotsorry but I'm loving the wedding planning process. 

Since I'm keeping most of our wedding details a surprise, I figured I'd let you in on a few things you will NOT be seeing in our wedding photos:
"The First Look"
Photo: AMBphoto // Featured: The Knot Blog
Tim and I are going the traditional route and will not be seeing one another until I walk down the aisle to him. I've asked if he wants to do a first look but he's more opposed to the idea than I am--that was a pleasant surprise. I'm so excited to see the look on his face when he first sees me and to set my eyes on him in his tux for the first time. 
 Originally, this was a maybe for decor but it does not really fit with the other decor that we did wind up picking. I'm not sure if my MOH is incorporting it into the wedding shower -- we'll have to wait and see since that decor is a surprise for me, too! 
 I am currently crushing on blush! I love this spectrum of color. When you tell someone blush you could end up getting several different colors, anything from pink to taupe. For me the happy medium is where true blush is, the warmly glowing color that is so soft and feminine. …
This is a popular and beautiful color scheme. I know many brides, including a family member, who are using/ have used it so I knew we'd use different colors. Plus, I thought our fall wedding calls for darker tones. 

Break convention with your wedding footwear. Converse trainer sneakers (Black and white)
I'm not going to lie -- this looks super comfortable but it was never even really a conversation between Tim and I because we knew our wedding would be more on the traditionally elegant side. 

What are some things that WON'T be at your wedding?


  1. Just say no to sneakers...and TOM'S too. I don't know why, but I'm extra opposed to those...

  2. I feel the same way about the first look. We went traditional too! Although, burlap was common at my wedding...we were in Texas and people were wearing cowboy boots (for the reception)...haha! :)