The Honeymoon Hunt is OVER! (For real)

Today marks four months til our big day! That mean there are just four months and one day until we're off to our honeymoon!

If you've followed along for a bit, you know we've changed our honeymoon from Bora Bora to Mexico
Yes, we were still choosing a honeymoon destination on June 26. How could that be if we'd already agreed on Mexico?? Well...

....We might have changed our honeymoon destination AGAIN. (We did!)
...We might now be going to South America. (We are!)
...And we might not be able to wait til November. (We can't! But we have to, shucks!)

So, beachy Brazil it is! Rio de Janiero and Buzios, Brazil to be precise!

So now those will be our destinations and views, and to say we are excited is an understatement. I'm so happy to be as excited as I was for Bora Bora, which I just wasn't for Mexico. You see, Mexico looked BEAUTIFUL but it is close, I've been before, and we can easily go for just a long weekend. We want both paradise and adventure, as well as to visit somewhere we won't as easiy be able to once life gets more hectic. We were deciding between Peru and Brazil and, ultimately, Brazil won :)

The countdown is ON!!!


  1. You are going to have an amazing wedding and honeymoon!

  2. you are going to have an amazing wedding and honeymoon