Happy Dance

Today is Friday and for that I am ecstatic. Add in official EOS and move dates for the fiancé and a BBQ festival including an Eli Young Band concert this weekend and I am one happy-go-lucky little ducky.

I'll be keeping the date a surprise on social media because it's the 4th date I've gotten so it could always change. I'm trying not to get too excited but it's obviously difficult not to. 3 years ago we were in the midst of adjusting to the idea of spending the next few years 5,000 miles apart. 

We sometimes discuss that time and whether we'd change anything and neither of thinks we would. Tim's PCS to Hawaii was a blessing in disguise. We've got to live and visit places people vacation. I was able to focus on law school and jump right into my dream career as Tim was able to move up in his rank and prepare for his EOS. 

I'm lucky to be with someone who's so supportive and loving. Who's been with me every step of the way during our life together. Who's often thought of me before himself. Who tags me in photos on Instagram like this one, which speaks volumes to how he views me, treats me, and loves me:

Long distance isn't impossible but it can't go on forever, either. Luckily, for us, the time is approaching to happily bid farewell to that chapter of Our Story. Life's been such an adventure together and I'm looking forward to continuing that adventure sans the distance. 

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