More than Enough

There are many things in my life that I could--and sometimes do--complain about. 

Like how the military has not-so-surprisingly given Tim conflicting EOS terminal leave dates. 

Or how I don't make six figures like my peers working for big law firms. 

Then, there are my loans on loans on loans. 

Oh, and how about the lack of palm trees in NYC, Chicago and every other city I'd want to work in. 

What happens when I pour some gratitude into my not-so-perfect but perfect-for-me life? My attitude changes completely. And suddenly there is very little to complain about. 

Because I knew not to get my hopes up about a possible June move date and regardless, Tim will be here to experience life together with me so soon. Single digit weeks is the closest we've ever been to starting our life together. 

And how lucky am I to have a job that I love and get a pretty decent salary while doing so? 

The loans... they're an investment I decided to make to go to a reputable law school. That investment helped me get said job I love so it wouldn't be too fair to complain all that much. 

Oh, and palm trees are pretty but really, so are skylines, seasons, and public transportation, all of which you'll find in NYC and Chicago ...and none of which you'll find where there are palm trees. 

So today, on this gloomy, muggy Chicago summer morning I'm choosing to be grateful for it all and love my life just as it is. 

More than enough, actually.