Getting *More* Done

Last night was spent in a nightclub (first time in forever for me) and a country bar--quite the nightlife spectrum, I know. So I'm happy to relax, while still being productive, today. It's not 1pm yet and breakfast (almond flour pancakes) has been made and eaten, and my laundry is almost done. I've also gone on a little cupcake run to More
City living has turned me into a foodie!
I decided to make this Sunday  even more productive by participating in The Sunday Social, my first time since sometime last year!
1. Who do you call when you need to vent?
Timmy; my parents; brother; or some of my best friends (Trish, Luana, Fara).

2. Where do you go when you need alone time? 
When I'm living with Timmy and we get into a spat that isn't resolved within a couple minutes, I go into a separate room and watch TV or read, or I go for a run.

3. What is your favorite alone time activity?
Lately, it's been wedding planning. Working out. Cooking. Sadly, I don't do as much reading anymore :(

4. What is something we should all stop and read right now?
I really enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars, which is coming out in theaters soon I think. You'll definitely want to grab some tissues, though--it's quite the tearjerker!

5. Who do you wish would read your blog that doesn’t already? Family? Celeb?  
Hmm T and my family and closest friends already do .. so I'd have to say a celeb or company that will pay me lots of money to blog ;)