Why I Left Paradise

I am currently here in Chicago wondering if this place really gets warm weather. Is spring a thing here? And oh boy, summer seems like a huge myth -- because it feels more like fall on the brink of winter around here. 

And it got me to thinking that maybe I should be somewhere with a longer spring/summertime. Why did I choose to live in a seemingly arctic zone again??? And then I realize I sound like other people. Because sometimes oftentimes, when I tell people that I briefly lived in Hawaii before moving to Chicago, they ask some kid of variation of the question, "Why would you ever leave Hawaii?" 
I've got to admit that sometimes I wonder the same darn thing. But mostly only on days when I'm missing T extra or have super stressful days. Never on my normal days. Because I am genuinely really happy here and, in my opinion, I left Hawaii for really good reasons.
For my dream job.
For my independence.
For the opportunity to live in a beautiful new city.
To be able to have a stable life when T gets out of the military.

Sure, living in paradise would be amazing, and I am so happy for those who get to do so. Ideally, I'd live there during winter months and live on the mainland all other months. But that sounds more like a retirement life and surprise, surprise I am nowhere close to retirement. 
So the next time I get asked this, I'll just laugh like I always do, half in agreement but ultimately knowing in my heart I've done the best thing for myself, and for us.
Besides, who says Chicago, Illinois can't be paradise, too? ...Ha!
Now, where are ya Friday?! 


  1. Anywhere can be paradise is you truly love it! :)

  2. I'm so ready for some warmer weather!

  3. Chicago is nice in the summer. And they have deep dish pizza.