The Search for the Wedding Ring Bling

I marry my best friend in just seven months!! That leaves us with less than seven months to find our wedding bands...
When Timmy bought my engagement ring in Hawaii at The Wedding Ring Shop, he was pleased to know there is a lifetime warranty for it. The WRS is also a member of a national jewelers' association, members of which are approved for cleanings so as not to void the warranty -- and who offer their cleaning services for free! The only real catch to where I had to go for a cleaning was that it be a licensed Michael M. (the designer of my ring) dealer. Luckily, there is a jewelery shop 1/2 mile away that fit the criteria! Once the ring was cleaned, it looked brand spanking new. While at the shop, it was also determined that my ring needs to be sized down 3/4 to 1 whole size (womp, womp) but I'm holding off until it gets a little warmer, which causes fingers to swell.

(Side note: For those of you whose rings are big in the winter, I suggest you get a ring snuggie. While not the most fashionable, it keeps the ring in place and in turn, keeps it from turning around and hitting surfaces, i.e. turning upside down and hitting my keypad when I'm typing.)

While at the jeweler, I decided to try on a couple bands. Both are Michael M. And very pricey. I did not like the normal band (left) because there is too much space between my ring and it. I did, however, love the contoured band (right). It is slightly curved so the band and ring fit flush together (no space in between). Though I don't think I want the band that goes with my ring due to its hefty price tag, I do now know it is the style I want.

 I popped into another jeweler on Saturday after work and found a couple bands I liked enough. Upon sending T the photo, however, he noted that the style was pretty different from my ring, which isn't what I really want. There was one more similar to my ring band but it didn't have diamonds all around so it wasn't a keeper.

And so my search continues... I've got to admit it's been kind of fun so I'm looking forward to finding the perfect match!


  1. It's always fun to find the perfect match for your ring!

  2. This post kinda makes me want to get married. Just a little bit :)

  3. Good luck! My fiancé bought my wedding band at the same time that he bought my engagement ring, but it took us SO long to find a wedding band that he liked. He tried on SO many... but we finally found 'the one' :)