A Me Weekend

Aside from work and a Skype date I spent much time solo this weekend. And I enjoyed it. Because I love myself. Now, If that statement makes me sound overconfident--does saying I love Tim have the same effect upon you reading it? Why is self love viewed any differently. Food for thought, which could be another blog post topic in it's entirety. 

I digress

Sometimes I think we're so wrapped up in the others' presence that we forget about our own. That we forget about ourselves and our happiness, which are most important. Because we can't make others happy and be happy with others if we aren't happy with who we are. So ladies, take a day for yourselves. Grab a coffee. Go on a shopping spree. Heck, buy your own flowers if you want them--I do! 

I'm ready to tackle this week and fly home this weekend! But first, to get through this rainy, supposed-to-snow Monday...Thankfully I'll be indoors when that's predicted to occur. 


  1. I had (and thoroughly enjoyed) a lot of me time this weekend too! I love my own company. :)

  2. Me time is always necessary! :)