Our Save the Dates

When I got home last week while my family was visiting, some surprises were awaiting me. One of them was our save the date having been framed by my mama. My heart melted. The frame is gorgeous and once again I got a pang of "This is really real." Three years ago when Tim received orders to Hawaii we didn't know what our relationship would be like. And here we are -- we're gettin' MARRIED!

This also made me realize that I have not yet shared our save the dates with you, the reason being I didn't want to ruin the surprise if I have any readers who hadn't yet received them. We've sent them 8 months in advance to give out of town guests time to save up for travel and the hotel block rooms.

Now that mostly everyone's gotten theirs I can share away!

Choosing a design was more difficult than it probably should've been, which is a bit ironic because we took about 10 minutes to decide on our invites. I probably drafted 50 save the dates and finally, Tim and I both agreed on this design. My mom and some of my bridesmaids also helped us choose.

Happy Wedding Wednesday!


  1. Love them! When we were planning our wedding, Save The Dates were our hardest decision too :)

  2. I love it!! We did a postcard Save the Date too! :) They are so practical!

  3. Very cute!!! Love them! We spent countless hours deciding on our save the dates and invitations... ugh! We are both perfectionists, so wedding planning has been difficult to say the least.