Our Date

No, it's not Wedding Wednesday but since today is the 14th, which is our "monthiversary," I figured I'd blog about another important date -- our wedding date! -- and how it came to be. 
What's in a wedding date? To some, there is much significance. To some, it might be merely a date when their favorite venue was available or that they decide when would like to be married on. To others, like Tim and myself, it is a mix of the two.
When Tim and I started thinking of dates we first thought 2015 would be the year but that seemed way too far away. And because I am bit old fashioned, I didn't want to live together for a long time before our wedding. So, we decided on 2014.  Less than a year to plan our long distance wedding would be difficult so we decided on November, which is before all of the holidays, leaving people little excuse to say they're busy or poor from buying presents.

After the year and month were decided, next came the day. Originally, we wanted a date with the number 14 in it because we met January 14. However, November 14, 2014 lands on a Friday. That would be a bit difficult for out-of-town guests as they would have to take off at least 2 days from work.
So we decided on a Sunday -- yes a Sunday, meaning people will have work the next day. But Tim's family is coming from out town so they would have to take off at least one day of work for the festivities, anyway, and let's be real -- having a wedding on a Sunday is much cheaper than on a Saturday. Plus, now it'll be even -- both sides of the family will have to take off from work (if members of my family so choose).
The final decision: November 16, 2014. 
There's still a 14 in the date (in 2014, duh) and the 16th is the last day in January that we'd hung out after first meeting in Las Vegas. It is also the day that Tim says he knew there was something really special about me because of how sad he was to leave me. 
To us, it seems like the perfect compromise and we couldn't be more excited! 
. . . Is/was there any significance to your wedding date?



  1. We got married on 12/15/11. It was a bit spur of the moment the week after he got home from Afghanistan. Our wedding was on 6/9/12. No other reason for that than I like numerical patterns.

  2. Ah! We're so with you! FM and I just booked wedding part deux for November 29th, right after Thanksgiving. It's going to be a bit of a crunch to get everything done, but we're military spouses, we can do anything! :) I'll be right there with you stressing out until then...

  3. Our wedding date was just a random date since we had only gotten engaged 2 days prior. :) Have a great weekend!

  4. We changed our wedding date about 10 times, and when we finally picked a date we were just so tired from changing it that we just picked a random date. Decisions, decisions!! :)