NY Girls Chitown Weekend

Two of my childhood best friends and bridesmaids flew in from NYC to visit me this past weekend. Said visit commenced late Friday night with girl chat and fro yo (and Baked by Melissa cupcakes not pictured) . 

On Saturday, we did the touristy things, I.e. The Bean and Willis Tower. 

We even saw a bride taking photos during out taxi ride back to my neighborhood. 

The visit was full of unhealthy foods. I'm talking deep dish pizza... Followed by this from Eataly's Nutella bar a few hours later. #NOMNOMNOM

On Sunday, we did what weekenders do -- brunch. It's my fave weekend meal and I loved my company :)

 And then we did some more shopping, which ended with them helping me pick out a dress and necklace for my and Tim's couple shower (I'll blog about that someday)! We decided that they're pretty much my bridal fashion consultants. 

This was such a fun weekend. I'm so glad we got some much-needed girl time and I'm already excited to see them next!

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  1. What a fun weekend! :) It's always nice spending time with friends.