I Fancy Friday

I kind of think this week flew by. But part of me knows it's because I've been on meds since Tuesday trying to kick this horrid sinus infection. 

Thankfully, I think I've avoided an ear infection but it was a close call. This makes me happier than you'd know because when I was younger  said ear infections included temporary hearing loss and bleeding -- yes, from my ear. Yikes! 

Enough of my that, though-- because I'm ecstatic it's officially Friday AND it's Spring!!

Oh and yesterday was also National Proposal Day (I didn't know that was a day either until SMP posted about it)! 

I'm looking forward to so much this spring:

-- a visit from my best friends/ bridesmaids!!!

-- warmer weather here in Chitown 

-- bright colored tops like the one below to make my dark-colored suits pop a bit

-- a possible visit back home 

-- longer days ... I'm a lover of sunshine. 

Happy last day of the work week. Friday, I fancy you! 


  1. The flowers and your ring are gorgeous! :)

  2. Happy Friday!! :) I'm so looking forward to Spring weather!

  3. love the flowers and ring too is gorgeous. yea i'm ready for spring too.

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