Spendfree(ish) Season(s)

 This has been my motto for a while now:
Couple regular life expenses, i.e. bills, with wedding planning and I have decided to stick to the motto even more now than ever before. I vowed after Christmas season to seriously cut back on spending. I am proud to report I have successfully done so. Besides the occasional taxi from a night out or snack I'm craving, unless it's pretty necessary, I have not bought it. I've actually had clothing in my shopping cart (with other purchases for my home) and told the cashier I'd changed my mind because I decided I didn't need the clothes. 
You see, I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. Sure, I do have a lot of clothing but I could probably have more. The clothes I do buy though are clothes I know will last me a while (though I am still a fan of F21, which usually isn't the highest quality). Same goes for shoes and especially purses, which are my biggest splurge. The last anything I've bought for myself personally was in November when I bought my Kate Spade purse and my outfits for our engagement photos. I think this is the longest I've gone and I am now sort of in a competition --albeit with myself haha-- to see how long I can last.
. . . As for buying for others, that's a whole other story. I couldn't help but buy Tim Valentine's Day presents. And I can't help but buy my family and bridesmaids presents, either.

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  1. I couldn't agree with this post more. I always, always, always tell Carl that I'd rather spend a large amount of money on something that we will have forever as opposed to buying a bunch of cheap things or buying lower quality for a "bargain". I try not to buy unnecessary things and when I do spend I want it to be something that will last. I think by investing in quality pieces you actually save more money in the long run.