Gotta get through the Cold

Somehow this seemingly long winter is not bothering me. Perhaps it's because we've had a few beautiful spring days recently. Or because the excitement of a new city hasn't worn off yet. Or because I had an extended summer when I lived in Hawaii last year. Or because I just enjoy seasons. 

Whichever it is--or maybe it's all of the above--I'm okay with it. I know that in true season fashion, spring will come and summer will inevitably follow. Change is fun and it's exciting. It keeps me on my toes and it pushes me to savor every moment. To focus on the good. And to plan ahead for the future. 

I guess what I'm getting at is that life has seasons, just as the weather does. And just because our least favorite one might seem long doesn't necessarily mean our view has to be negative. Life doesn't have to be bad or blah or whatever. 

I choose to be grateful for all of it -- snow or sunshine. Maybe we all should .. .And then perhaps Mother Nature will give us true spring ;)


  1. So jealous that you lived in Hawaii for a little bit... I know it's not always sunshine and roses but it'd definitely be an experience! And isn't this weather awful... I just want it to be 70 degrees no humidity!!!

  2. Yea just when we thought spring was about the show up or had show up. We have a freeze watch/warning tomorrow

  3. :) Just have to make the best of it that's for sure!