Fridays are for FUN {30 before 30}

 Since Fridays are for FUN and my best friends are flying out tonight to COME VISIT ME (can you tell I'm excited?!), I figured why not share something else fun with you!

This is my first bucket list of sorts that I am sharing with you. I still have quite a while until I'm 30-years-old but that age might be extended because this is a lot of traveling to do by then ... 

I made this list shortly after my 25th birthday, since which I've completed/accomplished most of the things that are crossed out. Others that were accomplished beforehand, e.g. live abroad & swim with sharks, were always on my bucketlist so I included them. 
  1. Engagement
  2. Marriage
  3. Children
  4. Machu Pichu
  5. Live in a city in a doorman building 
  6. Become a lawyer
  7. Get dream job
  8. 5-10 Midwest states while in Chicago
  9. Buy a house
  10. Live on an island 
  11. Live abroad
  12. Australia
  13. Run a 10K
  14. Skiing in CO
  15. Cliff jump
  16. Zip line
  17. Swim with sharks
  18. Donate hair to cancer patients
  19. Scuba dive
  20. Nashville, TN
  21. Cedar Point
  22. Skydive  
  23. Send my parents on a trip
  24. Try out snowboarding
  25. Disney World with Timmy
  26. Puerto Rico (I haven't been in almost 10 years!)
  27. Donate blood
  28. Pay for a stranger's coffee or meal
  29. Volunteer at a charity event
  30. Go back for a weekend at Penn State 


  1. You are doing great on the list!

  2. LOVE the list!! I'm not much of a list maker, but this one is awesome :)