Easy Canvas Prints: Review + 50% Off Coupon!

It's  that time of the week again -- Wedding Wednesday :)
I just received this beautiful 8"x10" canvas from Easy Canvas Prints. I decided I wanted a canvas of one of our engagement photos. Since I love all of our photos, the decision of which photo to choose was difficult but I finally chose that one, which is a favorite of ours and among family and friends. (It's actually a black and white photo but I couldn't snap a good photo in my living room lighting.)

I absolutely love it and plan on displaying it in our home, and possibly at our wedding! The one tip I think I should tell you all is to flip your photos if they're vertical -- they'll fit better that way on the canvas. 
I highly recommend getting one and if you're thinking of doing so, today is your lucky day because Easy Canvas Prints has been nice enough to give me a 50% off coupon code for all of my readers!
*This post was sponsored by Easy Canvas Prints* 

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