Dreams: Scattered

Sometimes I'm hard on myself. It usually simply takes thinking about finances to get me to question all of my decisions. Shouldn't I be making more money? Should I have taken on law school debt? Was moving 100s of miles from loved ones worth it? Should I have just followed Tim and let him stay in the military? After all... I've always dreamed of being able to stay home with my kids (when the time comes).

And then I take a step back. I breathe in. And I remember why I've done everything I have. How every step of my life has gotten me here. How I am pretty much on track with my childhood "dream" life timeline. Shouldn't I just enjoy all of these accomplishments now? 
I've decided the answer is yes. While I continuously plan for the future, I will embrace my scattered dreams. I will try my best to use them to create the ultimate future I dream of.  It's okay that I have many different goals that might not seem to match up. Life is for exploring. Exploring new places. New people. New opportunities.

But for now, I will remember that I'm in my mid-20s. Many people have less than I do.  It's important that I be grateful. And acknowledge that I'm still figuring life out -- which is okay. Because really, has anyone ever figured life "out"? Find me the person who has and I'll give you ... all my law school debt ;)
  Happy weekend! 


  1. I know this feeling far too well! Just remember that at this age, lots of people are just figuring out their dreams; you're living part of yours!

  2. How are you doing Jackie. haven't herd from you in a while. It's never good to be hard on yourself. when at first you dont succeed then try, try again.