Happy Begin-ning of the (work)week!
start small.We set goals in all aspects of life. 
"I want to lose five pounds."
"I have to stop comparing myself to others."
 "I am going to start working out more."
"I need to be a better listener."
While it's all good and dandy to set goals, we must actually work to achieve them. Sometimes, the first step is the hardest. But it's important to keep in mind that until we do so, nothing will change.

Yesterday, I started the week off with a workout and then WALKED up to my roof  on the 20th floor. Because taking an elevator after exercising felt lazy. And because my body won't maintain and/or change itself. I've got to eat well AND exercise. 
The views were rewarding. 

 . . . What are you going to do to reach your goals? 

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