Post-Super Bowl Paleo

So how about that super exciting game last night... Not! I was excited to head on over to an apartment and watch the game with old and new friends. #steppingoutofmycomfortzone, remember?

Also outside of my comfort zone is what T and I are starting today. Before I tell you (though the post title gives you a hint) let me explain the decision. A few weeks I went and bought a jar of nutella, which I then ate too much of in one sitting. I napped and woke up to eat some poporn. And then pizza for dinner. Some days I eat so poorly and I get upset with myself. That's not to mention my 2014 goal of eating chocolate only twice a week has not been followed! 

So, Tim and I decided to help motivate us both we'd join together and do paleo again. I went grocery shopping on Saturday.

This was my go-to list while perusing the aisles:

This is what my cart looked like afterwards:

 Today marks Day #1. . . because we have a wedding to attend (and look great at) in just 10 months! And we obviously had to wait til after the Super Bowl to begin.

We're paving our way to a #healthyhusbandandwifelife! Wish us luck, again! If you've done paleo and have yummy recipes or tips, please do share :)


  1. the link is ready. i sent it to your email and i have it up now. it isnt doing like i want it to though.

    Come join the hop and tell us how you and your significant other met. How you met your boyfriend, husband, fiance etc.

  2. I haven't done Paleo, but TJ does Man 2.0 which is kind of similar. We do a lot of breakfast for dinner, lol.