Love on Valentine's Day . . . & Everyday

Happy Valentine's Day! Some people don't really like it because they feel as though people should tell loved ones they love them all the time. I, on the other hand, embrace this day because while love is present in my everyday life, I'll never pass up an opportunity to make a holiday of it.
Why, do you ask? Because love it my favorite. I love being in love, expressing my love, and feeling loved. I love seeing others in love. And I have pretty kick ass people to love and who love me. Plus, other holidays I enjoy are commercialized, i.e. Mother's Day and Father's Day, so I find no good reason for me to hate or dislike this holiday. It's actually always been one of my favorites.
Growing up, my family always made it special. I got little Valentine hearts and cards and the four of us would go out to dinner, usually also with my cousin Patricia and her family. Speaking of Trish, my MOH, she kicked off Valentine's Day early this year and spoiled me with this dozen of deliciousness yesterday (which isn't so paleo ...and which I scarfed down in 5 minutes):
To some, my enjoyment of this holiday might seem odd since I've been in a long distance relationship for over three years and thus haven't been able to physically spend it with T. (You can read about our love story here, here and here). Sure there's been distance and sure, it's not ideal but that doesn't mean I have to be a Valentine's Day Scrooge because of it! 
The distance has only made us love harder and stronger. We've been fortunate in that sense, I guess. Plus, flowers, thoughtful presents, Skype dates and winning a pretty cool contest have provided for some great Valentine's Days ;) It also helps that the finish line of the end of distance is just over the horizon . . .
  And that we'll be Mr. & Mrs. soon after!