Free taxi ride

I am headed to work this morning (sometimes this working gal's gotta work a weekend or holiday) and the forecast today reminds me of the worst weather day last week.
 Last Wednesday, it snowed (as usual). Not as usual, the bus was running super duper late. Taxis were mostly full and the ones that weren't were difficult to hail.
Chicago taxis are not the yellow NYC taxis I grew up knowing.
Except one. When I crossed darted across the street (thank you for teaching me how to hail a taxi, NYC) and got in, I informed the driver where I was going. It was in the opposite direction but he did a U-turn and began driving me anyway. Along the way, he spotted a woman with a suitcase he'd seen waiting for the bus before he'd picked me up. He asked if I minded him picking her up, as well. I was running a tad lot later than normal and thought about saying yes but I couldn't and didn't want to. So I said no, I don't mind.  
I was her 5 minutes ago and my great co-workers would understand if I was late. An airplane, however, would not care if she was running late. One of my worst travel fears is missing a flight -- I didn't want her to potentially miss hers either.
So the driver picked the woman up and the three of us chatted along the way. She was headed to the airport for a business trip. Chances were her flight might be delayed or canceled but as of the cab ride, it was on schedule. She thanked the driver and I over and over and as we approached my workplace, she told me not to pay. She wanted to pick up my tab. I, of course, thanked her but explained that I couldn't let her pay for me.  
Then, I remembered: she's traveling for business and her job would pick up the tab. Ta-da!
. . . And that is how a good deed got me a free taxi ride to work on a very snowy morning.

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