Doubt your doubts

My stomach does a little flip every morning when I walk in to work and hear "Good morning counsel." Because I am at 25-years-old doing what I dreamed about doing when I was 15. 

Some days I want to tear my hair out. Some days, like today, I'm super duper nervous. But I try to think happy thoughts and know I can and will do great.

Most days this whole experience just feels surreal, and I think a large part of this is because of doubts I had (and that sometimes still creep up). 

Doubts about getting into law school . . .
Doubts about getting into a "good" law school . . . 
Doubts about passing my classes, doubts about graduating with a job . . . 
Doubts about becoming an attorney . . . 
And especially doubts that I would get the opportunity to do my job. 

With each doubting experience, I learned to trust myself and my abilities more and my faith in my potential to succeed skyrocketed. Most importantly, I realized I am capable.  

I've learned to fight my fears and my doubts, and to simply believe in myself.  

After all, we must believe in ourselves before others can believe in us.

Some Monday motivation :)

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  1. I have to admit, I'm pretty jealous of your job. I always wanted to be a lawyer when I was younger, too (all those tv shows, lol) but I never imagined actually doing it. You're awesome! ;]