In case you didn't know, DBT = Doing Big Things ;)

My article about age at marriage went live on Be Moxie yesterday. It felt great. But greater than any proud and self-accomplished feeling was seeing this comment on it:

I am such a Daddy's Girl (and my Mom's best friend) so when I saw this I immediately called my dad to chat. My parents have been my biggest fans since the day I was born. They've always been in my corner, trying to push me to do bigger and better things. I am so thankful for them. Boy, am I excited to see them soon.

I'm also so thankful that we are steadily approaching Tim's transition out of the military. He officially began his TAPS (transition assistance) classes yesterday! It's such a crazy, stressful, exciting, bittersweet time but we're more than ready to experience new opportunities together here in Chicago. No more distance. No more him being on an island far from family and friends. No more underways or deployments (well, unless he deploys with Reserves, which is less likely). 

We also officially booked our DJ for our wedding yesterday so that makes all vendors--besides hair and makeup--booked! Tomorrow, I'll speak a little more about our florist :)



  1. Sounds like so many exciting things are happening! :) Here is to a new fun adventure.

  2. The comment from your dad is so incredibly sweet!!!