Ahead of the [Wedding Planning] Game

We are just single digit months away from our big day!
In the very beginning stages of planning our wedding, albeit excited, I was really stressed out. It felt really overwhelming. Thanks to the best fiancé, parents, family and friends ever, the stress quickly dissipated into 100% excitement.
I believe it's because of my excitement that we are well ahead of planning checklist stages. We've finished everything in the first 2 categories, and have completed some in the 3rd (florist, save the dates purchased, bridesmaid dresses and invites to be purchased soon) and have decided/touched upon something in both the 4th and 5th categories (music and favors).  
Heck, even my maid of honor is ahead of the game -- she's ALREADY booked my bach party arrangements (we've decided to stay local and head to the NJ shore.. no NOT "The Jersey Shore" Seaside Heights shore) AND she's purchased our engagement/bridal party favors... for October! #bestMOHaward
How's your wedding planning going, brides-to-be?


  1. I am not yet engaged but since we did buy the ring and are picking it up on Friday night.... I've already started to plan. I've picked out engagement party invites, save the dates, and actual invitations for the wedding. The date will be June 4, 2016. Gives us time to plan and get everything in order, luckily my boyfriend is my rock and center to keep me calm LOL. ♥

  2. Exciting!!!!! I was so ahead of the game...at first...then I really started slacking! I blame the fact I was gearing up for a PCS at the exact same time! Everything fell into place though and had an amazing bridal party that helped put it all together. That's key! It sounds like you have an awesome party too!!! YAY!

  3. Your wedding is going to be absolutely amazing, so excited for you!

  4. Wow you're really on top of things! My wedding is 4 months away and I'm so overwhelmed with all of the little things that need to be done. Thankfully all of the big things have been taken care of!