Wedding Colors

So I am back to work today for the first time this week due to the Polar Vortex. See: -15 degrees on Monday and -6 (actual temperatures) on Tuesday.
And I am back to Wedding Wednesday posting. This WW, my first of the year, I'm talking color
When choosing our wedding color palette, Tim and I chose to focus on the color of fuschia orchids. There will also be lots of gold, and possibly other flowers. As for orchids, they were the very first flowers Tim gave me. 
 Valentine's Day 2011

They also happen to be my FAVORITE flowers. And they symbolize love, luxury, beauty and strength -- everything our relationship has stood for and what we hope our wedding and marriage will embody, as well. 
My gorgeous girls will probably be decked in gold -- the venue is full of gold, and the color exudes classiness and will allow for the orchids to pop. Finding the perfect gold shade has been a challenge -- but I'm always up for a challenge!
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How/why did you choose your colors?

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