So when I posted about making my blog password protected last week, I was 100% set on the idea. My instagram and Facebook are --and have been for as long as I can remember-- private. Tumblr isn't but that's because it's beyond my control. My twitter was not but I did not enjoy that much so I deleted it... And then there's this space. I've met so many lovely ladies through it.
And honestly, like I said I was set on never publicly blogging again. But then I forgot I had a post that had been scheduled for Friday. And I received emails from the post... and it make me sad to think I'd never blog again the way I had. So I've decided to leave this but to embrace it as a hobby instead of as a chore. I will post whenever I can, about whatever I feel like posting then.
Writing and expressing myself helps. Upon speaking to some of my loved ones, I've realized that this has become my little space. And for whatever it's worth, I'm not really ready to part with it yet.
So basically, what I am saying -- is please bear with me as I figure out what exactly I'm doing here. I won't be posting a ton, but I promise when I do I will try to make it quality. I'm not sure if posting will only happen on weekends, or if I'll go back to scheduling posts.
I hope you understand and don't see me as wishy-washy.  
And you can look forward to a post of our engagement photos, which I will be posting about sometime soon :)
For now -- here's a peek:
J. Lynn Photography


  1. That white dress girl!!!! Sexy AND sophisticated!!!

  2. Wow you look stunning!!!!! :)

  3. Your pics look great!

    And for the record, I'm a firm believer that blogging should be a hobby! You don't owe it to anyone to write, or to read their blog for that matter. Is it nice when you can visit their blog and comment or reply to a comment left for you? Absolutely! But there is no shame in blogging when you want to document something and not caring about who sees it or what they think. I am really fired up about this because I have a post coming up in my head about it later this week :)

  4. You look amazing in your pics!!! And blogging is a hobby. I don't have time to post often, but when I can and feel like it I do. I'm happy you aren't leaving. :)

  5. great pics chick. I love em. and blogging has became a big thang for me regardless of how much much hate I may get from that one certain site that will remain nameless. they crack me up though.

    I'm glad you're not leaving chick. be sure to come check me out.

    Happy thoughts and support needed

  6. So glad you're going to keep blogging! YAY
    and oh my goodness, that sneak peak of y'all's engagement photo shoot yes please. Can't wait to see the rest.

  7. Blogging should never be a chore! No one will care if you post when you can vs. deleting it! You'll get it all figured out ;)