HomeGoods & Trader Joe's

That's my idea of a wild Saturday night nowadays. Here's a peek of an apartment project I did with frames from HomeGoods.
I did not enjoy hammering away and can't wait til Tim is around the house to help me with do projects like these. 
 I'm still awaiting a stand that's to be delivered today (hooray for doormen and women!) and will be picking up a couple more furniture pieces this evening and then the apartment should finally be all set! 
Next weekend I have more social plans, but on weekends like this past one when I don't, I actually do not mind one bit. Does this seem odd for a 25-year-old? I'm not so sure but I the truth is I don't really mind if it is because I love this life. 
I love that I am a[n] [mature] adult and that some weekends, simply relaxing is enough.
 I love that my weekends are not filled with being intoxicated and hungover anymore. 
That ship has sailed and I am more than okay with that.


  1. I am 27 and love staying home LOL. This past weekend I went out just to go food shopping, and get things I need for meal prep. That's literally IT. I cooked a lot, cuddled with my dog, and just did house things. Toats acceptable, I can't do hang overs anymore.

  2. I love all those frames and the way you arranged them. It looks so great!

  3. I live the wall of pictures! I wish I was more ambitious to hang all our pictures. Super cute :)