Who Wears Short ...Hair?

I do! 
As you know, I recently chopped off my long locks for Locks of Love. Not a regret about it. I do, however, miss my longer hair (pictured right) sometimes.
So, I decided to instead make a list of the pros of short hair that I can look back on when I'm feeling this way. And naturally, I decided to share the list with you, my darling readers:
  • I have helped contribute to a good cause that helps kids who wish they had any hair. (This in and of itself makes it all worth it.)
  •  It's a big change look-wise, and every so often, change is good.
  • Shorter hair is easier to manage -- it takes less time to dry and straighten, and requires the use of less hair products.
  • During workouts, I don't have a long ponytail of hair sticking to my sweaty back.
  • It won't get stuck in my coat zipper. Yes, this was a #longhairproblem last winter.
  • It's hair - hair grows back. And if I reallllly want it be longer, I can get extensions.
I really am happy to have done this so making that list was super easy, and pretty fun, similar to my new do ;)
Happy Friday!


  1. You can rock short or long hair! I really love it short though :D

  2. I love your hair with the curl. I donate my hair about every two years or so. And about two hours after it's gone, I regret it. But then I remember it better serves children who need some sense of normalcy than my vanity, so I get over myself, haha.

  3. You look great with long or short!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. Haha! I'm with ya there!! My head got SOOO much lighter...and it dries faster! I miss long hair because I thought I overall looked better, but donating all in itself makes it totally worth it! :)

    And yes, it will grow back! Something we totally take for granted.