{Extended} Alone Time

My move here was one of the biggest adult steps in my life. I decided to take huge risks. To accept a job contingent upon passing the bar exam of a state I am not from nor have any ties to. I decided to move away from family. I decided to pursue my career instead of moving to Hawaii for a year. I decided to live on my own by myself for the first time, in a city I know only a handful of people.

I decided to be alone. 

Now, of course, I am only physically alone. I have such amazing support from Tim, my family, and my best friends. I speak to all of them daily. Spriritually, I have so many people with me. But still, I come home to an apartment awaiting my arrival. I cook -- quite frankly, if I feel like it -- for me, myself, and I. And I watch the TV shows I want to. Now, I'd be lying if I said that I never get lonely because the reality is that sometimes I do. 

But I enjoy the alone time.

Maybe it's because it's the first time in my life that I've really gotten it. I've always lived at home or had a roommate but now it's just me. And I think it's made me more mature and more whole. While I do miss family and Tim, I think this time of being on my own is so important. It makes me appreciate my family time so much more and I think it'll make me a better living partner when Tim moves in next summer. Tim actually also lives alone and I think it'll make our marriage so much more successful. (In fact, Huffington Post recently published an article about alone time being a key to a successful marriage.) We'll never get this opportunity again. 

I think I'm more able to learn new things about me and life this way.

I know some might think I'm crazy to have decided to move away from family and to live apart from my fiancé. But here I am living out my dream. And while I know it couldn't last forever -- the alone time-- I also know I'll never have to look back at this time and wonder "what if..."


  1. I have always loved my alone time, it's needed.

  2. I'm 99% sure that without alone time, they'd have to diagnose me. For real.