A Wedding Planning Weekend

This weekend was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
 I was home for Thanksgiving;
I said "Yes!" to the Dress {with some happy tears mixed in};
 I asked my bridesmaids to be in my bridal party;
 and Tim and I decided on a venue!
Since you'll have to wait for the special day for most of the details, I will only leave you with my bridesmaids invites ;)

 That's a key chain :) I also made my MOH a photo book of us.
 Inside each of the older girls' boxes (two of the bridesmaids are my younger cousins) were also Thank You cards, in which I thanked them each for special aspects of each of our friendships. I planned on putting photos to pop up when the boxes were opened, but they arrived late so only two received the photos. 
I am so excited to have my family and childhood friends (I've known my non-family bridesmaids for 14 and 19 years!!) in our wedding party. They are all so excited too, which makes me incredibly happy. 


  1. woohoo! so exciting. my future SIL also said yes to the dress this weekend! loving all your wedding planning posts... and the bridesmaids gifts are so cute.

  2. I did the same with my bridesmaids but I put a ring pop in there. It was so fun to see them open it!
    So exciting to have all that done! I was almost sad my dress shopping was over so quickly haha!! It was great either way though. Can't wait to hear more about the planning!


  3. Exciting that you found your dress! And the bridesmaids' gifts are so cute. I'm bummed that trend started like a month after my wedding.

  4. Th gifts are so sweet!!! :)

  5. Those gifts are quite precious and it's really sweet that they are equally as excited. Lucky girl, to be surrounded by those who love you most & support you!