Our Wedding Website

This Saturday was one year from my and T's wedding, which means there's currently less than a year to go!
Less than a year of planning to go.
Less than a year of being engaged.
Less than a year until we're Mr. and Mrs.!!!
Originally, I wanted to wait until we picked one of the two venues we're choosing between to post the countdown and our website to social media. Since, however, we're having it away from T's hometown, we want to give them enough notice. And I'm in love with the site, so why not?

For privacy reasons (do bloggers even have privacy?), I won't post it here but I will give you the site if you ask!


  1. Very awesome!! I LOVE the look of your wedding website! We just used a template from The Knot (lol!). We put it on our Save the Dates...and you'd be surprised how many of my family and friends didn't know about it! They would ask me details, etc. on where to stay...I'm like, all that is on the wedding website! Hahaha!

  2. Very cool! Great date!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle