Be Adventurous

This weekend, a cousin of mine and his girlfriend were in town so we got together for a Bulls game. If you'd have told me a year and a half ago I'd be here going to home basketball game in Chicago, I might have thought you were crazy.
But here I am... living an adventure.
If someone asked me to describe my life in one word I would just use that word: ADVENTURE. My life has been full of it.
I've navigated my way through countries whose languages I did not know with people I'd just met. I was born and raised in a city unlike any other. I've lived abroad. I met my soul mate while on vacation and I've spent months with him on an island. I am constantly learning. I've taken risks. I've experienced some of life's low lows ... but even higher highs. And now, I am taking on yet more adventures -- of living in Chicago, of being a {military} fiancĂ©e, and of being a practicing attorney. 
Overall, life has been exciting and rewarding. It's all been so very worth it.
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  1. Life is more fun when you add a little adventure! :)

  2. Love this!
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    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle