This One's Different

This past weekend I asked Tim if he'd miss me and he said he wasn't losing me. I said, well, yeah but I'm leaving soon and he said but you're not really going anywhere. My heart melted. I asked him about it the next day and he said you miss things you've lost and/or won't get back. My heart melted again right about then. 

Now of course he's told me he misses me when we're apart but I was really touched by this conversation because he is so optimistic. It made me think about his optimism and the way he thinks about the distance, and it made me all the more grateful to have him as a partner throughout it all. 
His optimism is especially helpful since I leave Hawaii shortly, leaving a huge chunk of my heart behind, as well. And I know I will be homesick... because in so many ways, Tim has become my home. With him, I feel safe and warm and at ease. And most of all, I feel the most loved I've ever felt.
But this "see you later soon" is different than all the others and it's much sweeter than it is bitter, too. I am leaving a more complete, accomplished, adventurous, loved, and in love person. Our relationship has matured and yet stayed similar more than I could've imagined. I couldn't have asked for more from these past 2 months. 

Luckily, we will ::fingers crossed:: see each other very, very soon, and over the next months we will be building our life, which is to be joined permanently next summer!! Those thoughts are helping me very much right now. That along with... the many hours of traveling, work tasks and moving hundreds of miles that lie ahead!


  1. Your post melted my heart! I feel the exact way. I'm very excited for your next adventure and always wish y'all the best! :)

  2. Awww!! Will you guys be moving to the same place anytime soon?

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    ~ Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. This is seriously so sweet! :)

  4. Aww that Timmy! Always saying the most covertly adorable things. You two, your love story melts me heart.