Say It

I think it's wise to tell you loved ones how you feel. How important they are to you. How much you love them. Or even just that you love them. In my family, we don't hang up the phone, leave the house or go to sleep without saying "I love you." Same goes with Timmy and me. 
It's important to express yourself because life is a cluster of precious, fleeting moments. None of us (at least no one I know) can definitely tell the future. What we have and what we do know is now. And who we have are the people in our lives. I don't ever want the people in my life not knowing how very much I care about them. There'd be no good in that. And my loved ones are beyond good to me.
P.S. Pardon my blog's appearance - my image maps are unfortunately not working right now.


  1. This is so true! I find it so important to say what needs to be said no matter what.

  2. That is the perfect sentiment. I am struggling lately with leaving nothing unsaid, but it is a tough thing sometimes. Sometimes, all I can is, "I love you," because everything else is too complicated, ya know?

  3. " is a cluster of precious, fleeting moments." This is so perfectly said. And we quite a bit of our lives desperately trying to hold on to those moments or relive them. I'm going to tell people I love them right now.