Tim has a 4-day weekend ::YAY!!!:: so I'll be busy enjoying some quality time with him, away from this space and my phone {for the most part}. QT with Tim is actually one of the best things in my life so I want to be attentive in every moment. 
Other best things are a night cuddling on the couch with the love of my life; a pep talk from my parents; a call from my brother who's away at college; a cup of coffee; a piece of chocolate; waking up to the sun beaming through the windows; being drenched in sweat after a successful work out; picking out fresh produce and foods; taking in the beauty of my surroundings ...
This weekend I'm going to be sure to savor it all. I try my darned best to enjoy just about every "thing", especially when I am with Tim, family and friends. I hope you do, too.
Have a happy weekend :)


  1. We have a four day weekend too! I hope y'all fully get to enjoy yours!

  2. Hi Jackie, I saw your link on Diary Of A Brown Eyed Girl. Your blog is so cute :) Enjoy your long weekend.