Preparing for Onward Adventures

I've received start dates and I have a pretty solid time frame of when I'm moving to Chicago.
Which means I know when I'm leaving here, but more importantly Timmy.
I still have over a week but I can't help the sad feeling of living life separately again.
Thank goodness I might see him at the end of the month and year.
And that he'll be joining me in single digit months.
This is the dreaded, hardest part of our situation.
The [impending] "see you later" and the time in between each reunion.
I am so excited to be done with you, distance.
And despite everything, I am so excited for you, Chicago and for my new CAREER!


  1. Congrats on your job! And you and Timmy will be fine. It's only temporary. =]

  2. Very awesome!!! So, will Timmy be joining you in Chicago?!

  3. Im excited to hear how you like your new job and new home :)

  4. It sounds like in the long run this is going to all turn out perfectly?!? I hope the new job is great! And time moves along quickly once you arrive so you can see your man again!

  5. I am soooo excited for you!!

  6. It will be hard, but overall sounds like a great situation. I lived away from my hubs while he went to training for 6 months and it sucked, but we made it. Congrats on your job!

  7. How exciting!! We will have to plan a city date :)