Starstruck + Friend-Filled Weekend

So this celebrity siting happened while dining at Kona Brewing Company last night. 
That is Rachel McAdams and Bradley Cooper. Swoon! My friend and I didn't want to bombard them as soon as we found out they were there and they left before we got the chance to ask for a photo. Honestly, seeing them was more than enough for me! 

As for that friend - we've reconnected after being out of touch for some time. She is my sorority little and we were attached at the hip for a period at school. Then life got weird and crazy but we've always tried to reach out to one another. Finally, after seeing she lived here and I'd be visiting for an extended amount of time, we decided to get together. It's been a blast catching up --in person-- again. She is hands down one of THE sweetest people I've ever known and I'm so glad to be back in each other's lives. Happy Jackie is happy about that.
Happy me in my "hippie" outfit last night, according to Timmy. My friend and Timmy actually met last night and it was constant laughter and good times from the start -- well after we sat for dinner following her car unfortunately getting hit by another car in the parking lot. We came to the conclusion that last night was a night of events that would happen while the 2 of us were together haha. I'm just glad that she was okay and the night turned around to be such a good one. 

This weekend we also hung out with other friends, including a couple I've mentioned before, the girlfriend of which I know from home. It was a blast hanging with them again. We went to Makapu'u Beach so the guys could get their allotment of waves and we girls could tan after the waves kicked our butts. 

Later that day (Saturday), we also went to a BBQ get together and out in Waikiki for another's birthdays. 
I love this candid of us from Saturday night. It's always a blast when we're together. I was actually voluntarily DD and had so much more fun than I think I've ever had while out sober, proving that I don't need alcohol to have fun - duh, I know :)

On Friday, I had the car so I did laundry on base and then T told me he'd be able to meet up for dinner -- and go home afterwards! That made my WEEK! We went home and watched a movie and relaxed. Downtime with T is always a favorite of mine and it was the perfect start to what would be a pretty busy next couple of days.

...I just realized I wrote this post in reverse chronological (by day) order. I think that was a first but hey, there's a first for everything, right?

Hope you all had as great of a weekend!


  1. As soon as I saw the celebrity picture on instagram I was waiting for you to post about it. Rachel McAdams is my FAVORITE! So jealous! :)

  2. That is seriously awesome!!!! :)

  3. So awesome that you saw some celebrities! Too bad about no pic though!

  4. Sounds like someone's having the perfect extended vacation/temporary life in Hawaii! And seeing Rachel McAdams, that's probably better than any celebrity siting I've had in NY - except for when I saw Penn Badgely on 6th Avenue (but I don't have a photo to prove it so I guess it didn't happen right? lol)! We miss you over here on the east coast (is Hawaii on the east? I'm terrible at geography)!


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  6. I am so happy you saw Rachel McAdams. I would die!